Responsibility towards our environment

As part of our common responsibility towards human beings and the environment, we have made it our goal to introduce an energy and environmental management system at our premises and to maintain it.

We have taken measures to reduce the impact of climate change.
We determine the energy and environmental aspects and meet the legal and official regulations.

Constant improvements in terms of energy efficiency and minimising the use of resources such as water and natural gas are a matter of course for us.

We research and develop new, environmentally friendly materials in conjunction with our partners. As an example, we are currently developing a fully home-compostable drinking straw and we are hoping for approval before the end of 2020.

We have an in-house recycling system, using ground material to a certain degree and thus working while conserving resources as much as possible. We have also switched most of our lighting in the production areas to energy-saving LED technology and we separate waste by category.