Responsibility towards our customers

The PIOFLEX service with “Everything from one source”, from the starting material to extrusion, via forming right through to installation.

Our guarantee of quality: we have relied upon proven state of the art processes and technologies, and our experienced staff, for over 50 years. All this leads to high quality standards, which are appreciated by our customers.

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. This is also evident in the company’s guidelines, which all our employees know and live by every day.

Company policy (PDF)

Our customers are our partners. They are key to the success and continued existence of our company. We want to identify the wishes and future performance requirements of our customers at an early stage and solve them reliably.

On our extrusion lines the pipes and hoses are calibrated in the vacuum tank to guarantee dimensional accuracy and minimise ovality.

Electronic measurement instruments are used for continuous monitoring of the pipe dimensions during production. They measure external diameters and wall thickness by means of ultrasound and laser scanning.

There are control circuits between the measurement instruments and the actuators of the extrusion system. They correct the machine parameters automatically as soon as the measurements deviate from the specified tolerance range.

We have been certified in line with ISO 9001:2015 (quality management) since 1996.

This internationally recognised certification confirms our high-quality standard and a technological operating efficiency, which makes it possible for us to meet the high requirements set by our customers both now and in the future.