Range of materials

Polyamide - PA 12

is a material with excellent impact toughness and notched bar test toughness, also at low temperatures down to -40°C. There is little water absorption within the polyamides and good resistance to greases, oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids, and also alkalis and saline solutions. 

Polyamide - PA 6

is tough and produces hoses with good damping capacity. The mechanical stability and abrasion resistance are exceptionally good. Water absorption up to approx. 3% and the associated change in length must be taken into consideration during dimensioning.

Polyamide - PA 612

is the optimal alternative to PA12 for brake lines. The lines are tested in accordance with ISO 7628. The material enables good handling and easy installation of the brake lines.

High-density polyethylene - HD-PE

is a physiologically harmless material with excellent chemical properties, which resists everything but strongly oxidising acids. HD-PE performs outstandingly in a temperature range from -40°C to +80°C thanks to its high degree of toughness and excellent slip properties.

Low-density polyethylene - LD-PE

is a physiologically harmless, soft, flexible material with excellent impact toughness in a temperature range from -40°C to +80°C. It has exceptionally good chemical resistance and resists everything apart from strongly oxidising acids.

Thermoplastic polyester polyurethane - PU

are materials which have excellent flexibility over a large temperature range within a large hardness range (Shore A 80 to Shore A 98). Additional outstanding properties include good abrasion resistance, edge tearing resistance, tear propagation resistance and damping capacity.

Thermoplastic polyether polyurethane is also available on customer request.

Polypropylene - PP

The polypropylene we use is a homopolymer, which is harmless from a food regulation perspective. Polypropylene has a high degree of hardness and stiffness and better resilience than e.g. PE. It can be sterilised, and it has good electrical properties.

Polypropylene - Homopolymers PPH

are isotactic, crystalline polypropylene homopolymers. The moulded parts which are made from them stand out due to the high levels of stiffness, hardness and heat resistance.


is a material made from renewable raw materials.

Hytrel (TPE)

is the registered trademark for the family of polyester-based thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) by DuPont. Hytrel combines many of the most important properties of heavy-duty elastomers and flexible plastics. These include extraordinary toughness and flexibility, high creep resistance, impact toughness and long-term bending strength, flexibility at low temperatures plus maintenance of the good profile of properties at increased temperatures. Hytrel is also resistant to numerous chemicals, oils and solvents.


We can also process other thermoplastics on request.